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On this page, you will learn how to make $3000+ per month by doing simple online typing jobs. You can read the article below to learn what kind of online jobs you can get or you can use the link given below to go to another page where you will find links to hundreds of job sites.


The above link will take you to another page on this site; there, you will find a list of online jobs companies that pay users money for doing different tasks including “typing,” “visiting websites,” “playing simple online-games,” etc. [the first five sites give cash for doing such easy data entry jobs.] You can join all five of them or at least register with the top two companies. This page contains a list of online jobs companies you should join; these including paid-to-click sites, freelance markets, paid survey jobs, and many more! All of these are legitimate online jobs companies where you can get typing and many other types of online jobs. The first five sites, listed on the above page, pay you money for doing very simple tasks such as typing, completing surveys, and visiting websites. But note: you should not expect to make hundreds of dollars from doing these simple jobs. The money you make will increase slowly, so be patient.

Any job that one can do at home can be both profitable and fun. There is no fixed schedule to follow, which gives one the freedom to work whenever he/she wants. Work at home jobs that you can get without any investment are the best home based business on internet. Students and teachers can do it as a part time job; they can earn great income every month without investing any money from their pocket ever! You can also make a full time income by doing simple typing; you can win projects every day. This 100% free opportunity lets you earn good money on internet and you don’t have to worry about any scams. Reward for doing an online job from home can be very bountiful if done with honesty. Payment varies as it depends on the kind of job one is doing. One can earn as little as $1/hour, and on the other side of the spectrum, a marvelous income of up to $100/hour can be made. Type and earn money by doing very simple online jobs!

Unfortunately, pay for typing jobs may fall short of lofty expectations. The reason is that legitimate typewriting is virtually the easiest job that one can find on the internet. Some say being an online typist is an unfeasible employment as it pays less than the minimum-wage rate in USA; true, but what about freelancers who live in India, Philippine, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nigeria? They are happy to do all types of online jobs as long as they can make a reasonable amount of money from them.

Make money the easy way from free online typing

People living in these countries can easily make their living from legitimate online or offline typing jobs. In Pakistan, some labor workers make $30 in a Month [they work for at least 10 hours daily, and there is only one holiday in a week]. Do you know what the national-minimum wage-rate is in Pakistan? It is $80/month, but the private sector doesn’t follow this law, and they are paying labor workers as low as $30/month. A typing job therefore can be a very rewarding career for such people.

1. How much money can one earn from typing online?

There are no fixed rates. Hundreds of employers create typing-job-listings in freelance websites. One of them may agree to pay $10/hour, where another one will settle for a lower $5/hour rate. Whatever the job’s rate-per-hour is, one can comfortably make around $3000 in a month from easy free online typing.

2. What type of job is this?

As said earlier, typing jobs online involve doing very simple tasks such as typing content into Microsoft-Word from an image. Employers give scanned images to freelancers who then type everything, written inside them, into text files. A PC, an internet connection, and some typing skills are required to make money from this opportunity. This is a legitimate opportunity and it is 100% free, so you do not need to worry about online scams as no one will ask you to invest money, ever.

3. Difference between typing online and offline jobs

For online typist jobs, one needs a fast and reliable internet connection; without it, work halts.
In some projects, freelancers receive scanned pages that contain information about several-hundred products. They also get access to a webpage/form, linked to the database of employer’s website. They fill the form for each product. Each entry lists a new item in the site. The content that they need to submit is available to them inside the scanned pages.

For offline typing jobs, employers send a single zip file to the freelancer, which contains scanned or PDF documents. The task is to type everything from these documents into text files. Freelancers do need internet connection to download the work-material and to communicate with the employer. Once it is downloaded, he or she can start typing without using the internet.

4. Can you make a living from this free job online?

For a person living in a third world country, yes it is possible to make a living from online typing. Moreover, one can try to gain skills in other online jobs too, such as programming or content writing, so that he or she can apply for coding or online copywriting projects, both of which have a much higher paycheck.

People living in USA, UK, or any other developed countries can consider typing jobs as a part time opportunity. The pay is low, so a better option is to look for other free jobs. Copywriting is a better option; it pays as good as any decent office-job in USA.


Some of the above sites provide micro-typing-jobs, or gigs; they are a bit different compared to a normal freelance website.

6. Difference between a Normal and a Micro freelance website

In a normal freelance website, such as Guru, buyers outsource jobs to freelancers. They do that by creating a job listing, often called a Freelance-Project. Buyers describe what they need and how freelancer(s) should complete the job. Buyers input different details in their project(s); it also includes a price range. Freelancers apply for the job by submitting their proposals, or bids. They must include the price for the job and the time they need. Bid amount must be within the range that buyer chose for his project. This is how a normal freelance operates. In short, buyers post projects and freelancers apply for the job by submitting bids. They both have one thing common, which is that they are free to join. They do not charge any money for registration.

In a micro freelancing site, things work in pretty much the opposite way; freelancers post projects [for free] that buyers can see and buy. Freelancers create projects in which they offer to do a specific task. “I will do one hour of data entry work for $5,” “For $6, I can type anything you want for 1 hour,” these are few example of project heading you ought to see at micro freelance sites. Freelancers describe what job they are willing to do and the specific amount of money they will charge for it. They also include the time in which they are going to complete the task. Interested buyers can contact freelancers and buy their services at any time. Projects opened at a micro freelance site are often called Gigs.

7. Which site should you join, Normal or Micro freelance site?

The answer depends on different factors; for instance, the service you are planning to offer, your experience as an online-freelancer, etc. If you are a professional coder, then it makes sense for you to work at normal freelance sites. This is because micro freelance sites are better suited for cheap jobs. Most of them have a fixed rate like $5, $10, $50 so on… All gigs have the same price tag. They do have add-ons [like additional $5, $50, etc.] for extra work, but overall, you are not going to get lot of money if you sell programming services at micro sites.

They are best suited for simple admin jobs like typing, data entry, editing, and other small projects. You can also post copywriting jobs there. You can create such listings and earn good money from them. For instance, you can offer to write one article for $5, type content for 1 hour for $20, or do one hour of data entry work for $15.

Another thing: if you are new to doing online jobs, then you should start at a normal job site. There, you only need to register an account, which is a simple 5 minutes process and create a profile, which is also an easy task. After that, you can start placing bids in different projects. Once you gain some freelancing experience, you can then think about creating your own gigs at micro sites.

8. Which pays more money, micro or normal job sites?

Usually, you can make more money at normal job sites. A single job can pay you $5000 where gigs at micro sites have a low and fixed price tag. However, not all jobs pay well at normal sites. Programming, designing logos, and creating websites, these are some of the top paying jobs. The best option is to work at both micro and normal freelance sites; this way, you can make maximum profit!

9. Difference between Typing and Data Entry

In simple typing jobs, you get to type content in a computer file; the source for the content is usually a scanned image. You read the content from the image and type it in a file; most people use Microsoft Word for this. This is one of the simplest jobs you can find online!

Data entry on the other hand requires you to copy-paste content from one place to another. For instance, a buyer can give you one or more Microsoft Excel sheets. The job is to search all files for some specific information, copy it, and paste it in another Excel sheet.
Here is another example; a buyer can give you files that contain information about thousands of products. Your job is to open the buyer’s shopping website and add product information in the database; this may include a Title, a Description, an Image, and some other stuff.

10. Which job is easy, typing or data entry?

It is hard to answer this question :) because both these jobs are easy. They do not require you to produce any content or coding; you already have all the information, you only need to type or enter this information in a file, website or some other medium. Both of them are easy and simple jobs.

11. Which one pays more?

Again, it is hard to say which one pays more. One typing or data-entry project can pay you $100 or $50 for 3 hours work; it really depends on who the buyer is and how much he is willing to pay. Sometimes, you see a project that is paying lot of money; if you are lucky, you can win it before other freelancers see it. I personally won a project within 5 minutes after the buyer posted it. The price range was between $100 and $300. It was a simple programming work that I knew I could do in less than 10 minutes, so I placed a $100 bid. The buyer was new to this business; he immediately accepted my bid and I completed the work in few minutes. He paid me $100 plus $10 bonus :)

Bottom line: both typing and data-entry are low paying jobs. You cannot earn thousands of dollars for typing content in few files, unless it’s PHP or some other coding. As I mentioned before, coding jobs pay a lot of money. You can make thousands of dollars for writing few pages of programming code. Typing and data entry are simple jobs and they pay less money compared to writing and programming jobs.

Which job is easily available?

Answer: Both

12. In how many places can you get your hands on typing jobs online?

You can get them from many places; I have listed them below;

a. Freelance Markets

I already explained the difference between a normal and a micro freelancing site; here are few more details of how these companies operate.

Freelancers join these markets/sites to earn money by doing different kinds of online jobs where buyers, or employers, register at these sites to outsource work. These buyers come from different countries and they all have the same need, which is to hire some freelancer to do a job for them like type something in a file or edit an image. Hiring online freelancers is beneficial for buyers in more than one way. For instance, outsourcing jobs online enable them to save a lot of money. Many of these buyers are operating a company that has a physical presence; which means they have an office and a staff. Instead of hiring more full-time or part-time employees, they outsource different tasks, including typing, to online freelancers, which is a lot cheaper.

Freelance markets are overcrowded these days by thousands of freelancers. Unfortunately, there are limited typing jobs at these markets, but the number of freelancers is increasing at a fast pace. More and more people are joining these sites to get online jobs and earn money. The number of freelancer is increasing very fast where the buyers and typing-job-listings remain the same. Very few new buyers are coming to these markets. One of the reasons for the fast increase in freelancer registrations is because a lot of them are people who live in third world countries. Most of them are looking to work as typist or data entry operator; this is because these are easy jobs. Access to internet is becoming cheap and easily available in these countries and because per capita income is very low, it makes a lot of sense for them to earn money online instead of looking for an office job.

Supply and demand for online jobs are out of balance. Each typing job listed at these markets gets around 50 bids or proposals within one hour after the buyer publishes it. This competition among freelancers is causing a significant decrease in freelancers’ average earning. Every freelancer wants to get a typing-job, so they try to get buyer’s attention by offering their services for a very low price.

But you shouldn’t be disappointed; thousands of freelancers are still making these living by doing online jobs at these sites. Sure, it is now tougher to win typing projects, but then earning money isn’t an easy task, right? :) The first few months are the worst; you hardly win any projects and it feels as if you are just wasting your time. You shouldn’t give-up! Believe me, you can get so much work from these sites that you might have to hire someone else to help you meet deadlines and complete work for all your clients. :) More than 10 people were once working for me and I was giving them typing, programming, writing and other work that my clients were throwing at me. Obviously, I can do limited amount of work in one day. I was getting so much work I had no choice but to hire other freelancers. I was able to make profits by hiring new comers.

These freelance websites have a feedback, or ratings, system. When you are new, you have zero ratings. After you complete one typing job, you get one rating. If your client is happy with the work you provide, you can expect to get a 5 out of 5 rating. The more ratings you have, the more work you can get. This is because ratings is a symbol of trust; it tells buyers how committed you are and how much experience you have. If a freelancer has 100 ratings and the average rating is 3.0 out of 5.0, then he is going to win less projects compared to someone with 100 [4.0 or more out of 5.0] ratings.

When you join a freelance job site, do not expect to get typing work on your first day. You may have to struggle in the beginning, but once you have received few good ratings, you will get more work and money. Here are few tips that might help you:

Only apply for jobs that you can do. Don’t run around bidding on every project you see. Save your bids and time, and only apply for jobs you can actually do.
With each bid, you can write a small summary. What you write here can make the difference between you winning or losing the typing project. Take your time and add content that makes you look like an expert typist.
If the job-site allows sending private messages, then write a more detail message and send it to the buyer after you place your bid. Write a message that catches buyer’s attention, but doesn’t make you look desperate.
If a buyer contacts you, try to reply as soon as you can. All your messages should start with a greeting. Be nice and respect every buyer no matter what they say or do.
You can provide a small typing sample work if a buyer asks.
Never agree to do work outside the freelance market; he must choose you as the winner of the project. Only then, you start doing his work.
Tell the buyer to put the agreed amount of money in Escrow.
If you win a project, remember to ask buyer to give you all details for the project. Then complete it before the deadline and make sure there are no mistakes in your typing work.

b. Online Forum Posting/Typist Jobs

Some people hire freelancers to do forum posting. It is a simple job; freelancers have to join some online forum and add posts in threads, or pages. For instance, if someone in the forum has started a thread [aka a topic] in which he is asking help for a BSOD [blue-screen-of-death,] then the freelancer can help this person by troubleshooting the problem he is facing. Each time you type a post, you get a small amount of money. How much money you make depends on the number of posts you make and the quality of posts as well. You are not going to get any money for adding posts like “Thank You” or “I have the same issue.” You must become a helpful member of the forum and add useful information if you want to earn money from this opportunity.

People hire freelancers for this kind of job to increase activity in their forum. This helps their forum get more traffic and members. You can get these jobs at freelance websites, but the best place is the forums themselves. Many forums have a sticky thread that has information about how much you can earn per-post and what the rules are. They usually pay you on a monthly base via PayPal, Skrill [MoneyBookers,] or Payza. This might not look like a typing job but it is 100% exactly that. You simply have to type and add small posts. It isn’t a complicated job; join the forum and start earning money by typing or posting small answers/forum-posts!

c. Freelance-Markets in Online Forums

Some online forums have a separate section for freelancers, a marketplace. Forum users, or members, use this marketplace to post or get typing jobs. Some people prefer to use these forums to hire freelancers because unlike freelance-websites, forums do not charge any fee. Buyers can hire freelancers without paying any fee; they only pay the freelancer for typing or any other job he is doing for the buyer. These forums also have a ratings/feedback system for both buyers and freelancers. This market is less secure than the well-known established freelance markets like Upwork and Guru where the system guarantees payment to freelancers on every job completion.

Is CAPTCHA Entry a Legit Typing Job?

No, it’s not! You should never ever apply for any kind of captcha entry job because it is 100% illegal and spam work. I have written a separate article on this subject; if you want to read it, click on the menu above and read the article that says, “Captcha entry is spam work.” Remember, there is no such thing as captcha entry job; this is a fancy name hackers/spammers have given to a very dirty work. The “job” involves spamming different websites; hackers and spammers outsource these jobs!

Paid Online Surveys

Filling up surveys can produce a bonanza of fun and cash for you and the best part is that it is a very simple job. It allows you great latitude in how and when you do the work; you can fill one, two, or more surveys each day. But wait, what does surveys have to do with typing? Well, filling-up an online survey is no different from simple typing. All you do is type small answers to easy questions like “Which site do you use to shop for cloths?”

Online surveys are easy to fill and you get real money each time to complete one. This is a legit opportunity you can use to earn money daily. Survey jobs are available in abundance and you only need to type few lines or press few mouse clicks to finish them. One thing to keep an eye on is the country limitations. Most paid surveys are available to users from specific regions. If you live in United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, or New Zealand, then you can receive a lot more survey jobs and they pay more money too. On the other hand, if you live in Nigeria, Uganda, Pakistan, India, Philippines, or Kenya, then you are not going to receive as many survey offers and even when you do, they pay you less money.

Transcription Jobs

There are many audio-to-text jobs available online; they are known as transcription jobs. As a transcriptionist, your job is to type content into computer-files while you listen to an audio file containing dialog, commentary, lecture, or simply some conversation; you basically create transcripts. It’s a simple job and it does not have any requirement of special skills or experience; however, there are some specialized transcription jobs that are best suited for people who have experience in certain field. For instance, you can easily do medical transcription jobs if you have some knowledge of medical terms and terminology.

Paid to Click [PTC] Sites

I am not talking about the illegal/spam Paid-To-Click Ads websites where you get money to click on advertisements. That is 100% spam work, so be careful to never join any websites that pays you money to open different websites and click on ads.

The real PTC sites give you money for viewing their internal-ads and for playing different games. Joining these websites is 100% free; you never have to pay any fee! This is not exactly a typing job, instead you click using your mouse, but it is as easy and simple as typing. Every day, these sites show you offers, surveys, and games to play. In all these tasks, the PTC site is advertising some website, company, or a product. Advertisers pay them to show their products or websites to the members. PTC sites charge money to advertise these things; you as a member get a certain percentage of money. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online, easier than typing. :)

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I now get it. I understand why sites like captcha club are nothing but scam. But what am I supposed to do now? I have wasted several days working for this scam site only to find in the end that it is a scam. I spent hours in completing offers, surveys, and other stuff that this scam site threw at me. I thought I was doing work to make money and all I did was help the scammer make money for himself!

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Berry said: Hi admin, I am reading all these comments [and there are so many of them] and I am wondering why they haven’t tried to write the content, which is present on this page. I mean no offense, but why are people ignoring the content you provided on this page? As you can see, there are links to several freelancers hub sites where we can become part of auctions of online jobs. I am calling them auctions because usually, the person who places the best bid wins it, so it is a kind of auction :) If anyone is reading my content, then please go to the top of this page and read the whole article.

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Sarah said: Hi! I am interested to work as data entry/typing. I can encode/type your thesis or other related works remotely, such as school papers, office papers & etc. I can deliver it before your due dates. Thank you and hope to hear from you soonest!!!

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    Hello Elance360 Family
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      Hello Good Day to you…..I am Linda McLarry from the firm (World Wide Technology, Inc.). This is in regards to your resume which you posted online has been reviewed and forwarded to our head dept, Kindly reply back with ( YES I AM ) if interested.
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    I can work on following:
    1) English & Hindi typing
    2) Presentation PPT making on PowerPoint
    Request, could you suggest any work for me &; what are the rules?

  • Karen

    Good evening,

    I have spent over sixteen (16) years of my life in the banking industry. This I terminated voluntarily in an effort to spend quality and quantity time with my family. I’ve carried out supervisory, data entry and customer service functions.

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    Adil Virani

  • Danica V

    Dear Employers,

    I am a working mom for 3 years and salary is not enough to support our necessities. I am hoping you can consider my skills since i do office works and i am familiar with typing and Microsoft office particularly Excel/Spreadsheet and Word. Looking forward to working with you.

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  • Admin: The Binary Options Geek


    Have you joined any of the websites which I have mentioned in the article body above?


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    • lana Leuner

      Can you edit a manuscript in Afrikaans and English? How much do you charge per hour?can you do any maths ?
      Lana Leuner

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  • Bystander

    These comments are a horror story.

    This isn’t a job posting! It’s an article!

    Please, all the job seekers click on the sites linked at the bottom of the article. No one is going to respond to your job request in the comments section.

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