Trump says 8,000 new jobs are coming USA’s way

December 29, 2016 – “8,000 new jobs are coming to United States of America,” said Mr. Trump, the president-elect, in an announcement on Wednesday. Trump won the elections in USA, sending shock waves all across the globe. People in USA and other countries are now realizing that Mr. Trump is going to be the next US president and nothing is going to stop this from happening. Now countries, companies, and people are trying to figure out how they will work with Trump. He is businessman so expect him to behave like one even when he formally becomes US president. He has demonstrated his business-dealing skills and policy by meeting with CEOs of many major corporations/companies. He recently sat down with CEOs of several tech companies in Trump Tower to discuss future business plans.

In the most recent revelation, Trump announced that two companies, namely Sprint Corp and OneWeb LLC, are going to bring 8,000 new jobs to United States of America. The man behind this move is Masayoshi Son, founder and CEO of SoftBank, which is a multi-billion dollars telecommunication corporation. SoftBank has bought stakes in several different companies, one of which is Supercell, the company behind the popular mobile-game Clash of Clans. Last I heard, SoftBank sold their Supercell shares to Tencent in a multi-billion dollars deal. SoftBank sold ~85% of their shares in Supercell. SoftBank also has stakes in OneWeb LLC and Sprint Corp.

Sprint Corp is a major internet services provider. Their workforce contains more than 30,000 employees. They mostly offer their services in USA. SoftBank acquired this company in 2013. Masayoshi Son previously said that he will invest more than 50 billion US Dollars in USA and that this will create more than 50 thousand new jobs.

Trump said that Sprint Corp and OneWeb LLC are bringing 8,000 new jobs to USA. It looks like they are sacking employees in other countries to reach this goal. Sprint made an announcement in January this year that they are cutting more than 2,500 jobs in order to reduce expenses, but now they are talking about creating 5,000 new jobs. :)

According to Sprint, they are going to create these jobs in the next 1.5 years. This announcement didn’t affect the share price of aforementioned companies. Perhaps Trump is trying to take credit for bringing more jobs to USA, a promise he made several times during his election campaign.

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