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Doing online writing jobs can bring enough income to pay all your bills. One can support a family of four just by selling content online. Availing this opportunity is easy for those, who are good writers, but if English is not your strong suit, then you can settle for other jobs such as submitting online surveys. You can also take lessons to learn English so that you can write high quality content. If you improve your writing skills, it will help you massively in the long-run as the pay for copywriting jobs is very good.

Any person can do survey filling jobs but they are less productive in terms of generating income. On the other hand, professional writers can take advantage of online article writing jobs and make as much as $100 per hour. This is an amazing opportunity for professional writers. People with intermediate writing skills can also profit from this but what they earn will depend on the quality of their work.

Make money writing simple articles

Some people do writing jobs to make only some extra income where others do it as a full-time job. Many choose this path so that they can avoid the backbreaking office-work. Another advantage is that they can spend more time with their family.

The amount of money you can earn depends on the quality of content you produce as well as the amount of time you are willing to invest in writing articles. You have full control of your personal life if you do this work full-time, because this business is all about freedom.

If the goal is to get total financial freedom and make a living online, then by doing online writing jobs, you can achieve these goals easily. You can receive writing assignments every day from different sources. Writing jobs are available in abundance and you can easily find them on the internet. For a professionally written article, one can receive money in the following range: $20 to $100.

Writing articles is easy

There are tons of topics to write about. Topic diversity is broad and you will have no trouble finding article subjects, which you prefer to write about. You can choose to write about anything that can be useful to the readers. For some subjects, one may need to have knowledge and expertise in a certain field; for instance, to write medical related articles, doctors can do a great writing job.

What you write should be comparable to an article written by an expert.

There are several online sources where one can get these high paying writing jobs consistently. The best source is freelance websites. They provide a secure platform where writers and online employers can do business. Employers give jobs to writers, and when they finish the work in a satisfactory way, they receive the agreed amount of money. The escrow system provides 100% fool proof payment system.

Following is a list of sites where you can easily get online article writing jobs:


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Author: Tanvir Ahmed
Date: 2017-01-23 13:48:28
Said: Hello Good Day,
I am very much interested in this offer.
And I am very skilled at typing and can finish the job very quickly.
I really need the money to help my family.
I am flexible with any amount paid to me.
Hoping a positive reply from you.
Thank You.

Author: Asad Khan
Date: 2017-09-09 09:00:30
Said: I am very much interested in this offer.
And I am very skilled at typing and can finish the job very quickly.
I really need the money to help my family.
I am flexible with any amount paid to me.
Hoping a positive reply from you.
Thank You.

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    I am interested with this offer that is given and i wish i can be given this chance do this job. Am a student in a certain university and am good in computer skills, typing and much more.

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    kind regards to you sir,well im a student who will be starting her prepatory in medicine im very much devoted and very astute in everything i do so it would be a great honour to be given a job online ,for it would be of a great benefit to me.


    hello sir I am quite interested with the jobs here..however I am doubtful if you will accept a highschool level..By the way I am a graduating student in ACT senior high school.

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    Sir, how to find this kind of work and how many days typing job at home is available for because I am a student and am free some times; so I want a typing job at home. I request you sir please give me a typing job.


    My name is SATISH B V, I am a B.Sc graduate in computer science from the university of Mysore, Karnataka, India. I have participated in professional content writing workshop in Bangalore and looking for content writing projects. I want be a successful content writer.

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    Sir, how much money can one make in a day or by writing 10 articles?

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    Guys, InfoBarrel is ran by someone from India. Recommended to stay away from this site.

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    That’s awesome dude..I’m now 18 and I’m eagerly waiting for my time to start an online job…but when it comes to writing,am hahax,maybe I’m not so well in it…bit as what I research…really,there got a huge amount of online jobs offer around there,,,the problem is,most of it was a scam,…I’m too worry of it that what if they hack all the money from my account or any other illegal business was I’m with…I have read all in formations about online business…its hard to get paid without being paid…I’m gonna try to invest a bit of my money to start my new homely job…so,is there any trust-able sites offering jobs over there…seriously…I’m gonna go for it..

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    I am a full time student and stay at home mother of two, looking for a way to work from home without marketing..

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