December 4, 2020

Using the power of internet to make life easy

Easy Home Based Business – simple jobs at home

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In today’s struggling economy, starting an online business at home is not a bad idea. In fact, many people have no choice but to look for job opportunities on the internet as they fail to get one in an office. Lack of employment is the main reason why so many educated and skillful people are now showing interest in home based entrepreneurship.

Here are few links you help you get started:




UpWork [A merger of Elance and oDesk]

Freelancer [A merger of Getafreelancer, Rentacoder, vWorker, and Scriptlance]








Internet provides access to several business opportunities that are home based, but there is one business that is unmatched by any other and it is called “Freelancing.” By doing simple freelance jobs, one can generate as much money as any good paying office job. It is a moot question whether or not this line-of-work is suitable for all people; but just by looking at the different types of home based jobs that are available, we can be conclude that there is a job for everyone, no matter what the person’s skill and experience levels are. It is hard to believe if anybody will be incapable of securing an online job. Furthermore, you can get jobs at home without any investment.

Simple jobs at home

Before you can apply for a home based job, you simply have to register an account; this usually takes under 5 minutes. You can apply for jobs once you verify and activate your account. From simple at home typing to sophisticated programming, you can get just about any job. Of course, you will only apply for jobs that you can actually do. If you have the required skills to complete a job, you can apply for it.

To complete the given task, you are free to choose any venue. You can do it in a plane, on a vacation, in your home, or while riding a horse; this is the real beauty of this business. To top that off, you also have the freedom to choose the duration in which you are comfortable completing this home based job. When you apply, you will give an estimated time duration.

At home freelance jobs have given a completely new meaning to home based businesses. Internet has truly modernized this idea for people of all ages. Doing work online for online employers is now the most famous internet business; especially among the young generation who are highly compelled towards this home based opportunity.

Easiest home based jobs

Freelance sites have set the stage for online-employers and job pursuers to interact and do meaningful business from the comfort of their homes. As said before, the registration process is speedy and free, you aren’t required to invest any money, none at all. Number of projects posted at these websites is colossal. New job-listings appear every second of the day, and you can apply for as many as you like staying at home.

There is no long-term commitment between you and the employer. When you complete the given task, you will receive the pre-agreed money without any delay. An automated process then terminates the contract, officially, between the two of you, and the project is marked as “Successfully Competed.”

The whole process of this business is lucid and it starts with posting of job-listings by online-employers, and ends with the freelancer receiving the predetermined amount of money. This is the best home based job you can get.

Listed below are few top freelance-markets. To get things started, register with at least the first site listed below. After the process completes, place bids/proposals on few jobs, and explore how things work.

26 thoughts on “Easy Home Based Business – simple jobs at home

  1. Mary-Ann

    Good day, I am a short-term broker. Looking for a home based online typing job.. I need a change of career.. Please assist me in this.

  2. Hi i am looking for an offline/online typing job..i am a previous teacher for 10 years but i want a homebased job this time.i have a good typing skills in ms word and ms excel.I hope you can help me..Thank you

  3. Hello.
    I need to write content and article or any other copywriting job from here.
    And i accept this is a web site which is usefull and we can trust this one.
    Thank you.

    1. Hie Am an account personal but have got some difficuties because of my region i need anything that deals with account that i can do while at home online

  4. I would love a marketing job. I also have management skills, I took a basic shift management course in Portland, Oregon. Stuck in a going nowhere job, need a change. Don’t have any experience but very willing to learn.

  5. Hi , I am a mother of two and there is possibly no way for me to make money from an office job. I am interested in simple typing jobs I need to start a home based business. If you can consider me, I will greatly appreciate your kindness. Doing jobs at home is my only option. I have more than 15 yrs experience on office and secretarial work.Thank you

  6. Hello,

    I’m interested in customer care and data entry. I’m a mother of two and have a husband that’s works all the time some I need to work around my children. So, please help me!

  7. Hi, I am a homemaker and I have 14 years of experience in admin and accounts role. I would like someone to help me offer some data entry jobs, which helps me to brush up my knowledge and earn some income. I can do translations in English too.
    Please let me know how to proceed on the same

  8. I’m interested in customer care and data entry. I have good experience in these fields. I’m ready and am going to be grateful if someone gives me an opportunity. thanks

  9. Sir,
    I am retried bank official, male, Indian in need of earnings. Please guide to a free lancing home based job;
    I have basic knowledge of computers and am fairly good in English. I would prefer a content writing job on any given subject.

  10. Why don’t make this with African Youth in order to prevent them to go kill them self in the sea looking to go to Europe. I think you need to make more marketing because in Africa, especially, there is a high number of jobless so think about it and work on it.

  11. Hello there,

    Nice piece about the possibility of making money from home.

    It is a lot more convenient to join multiple freelance sites. Don’t upgrade to paid membership until you get a job. Join three different sites and submit proposals every day.

    What you write in your proposal description is very important. Employers prefer to hire professional people.

    This can be a bountiful home based business if you know how to win online job projects.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Hi there, I am a mother of two and expecting a third one anytime soon. :) There is possibly no way for me to make money from an office job. I am interested in simple typing jobs i.e I need to start a home based business. If you can consider me, I will greatly appreciate your kindness. Doing jobs at home is my only option. Thank you

  13. I am disabled, so working at home stands out as the only choice for me. Contact me if u desire to hire me. Thanks

      1. In addition, I guess people asking questions should not be considered stu*pid. Just hearing them out and possibly giving an insight would be helpful. We don’t know what circumstances people go through. :)

    1. Hi,

      Just my two cents on the same, I came across your read and it is pretty interesting. I really do appreciate the work done here especially when people are desperate to earn money. I was one of them wanting to do it, and gladly took a risky decision. I would love to get in touch with people and possibly help them out in any way possible to make them understand things.

      1. Hi Mr. Kiran,

        I’m looking for an account that could help me earn. could you help me in any way?


        Jeff Issa
        jefri.issa @ gmail dot com

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