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Set Details:

Set: 7658

Series: Episode IV

Buy it from: Amazon, eBay

Released: 2007

Pieces: 454

Minifigs: 2

The Review

LEGO set a pretty high precedent for all future Y-Wings when they released the UCS version in 2004, and for the most part, this model lives up to it.

It is a very detailed ship for its size, and is a huge improvement over the original. The cockpit area and engines are all well-designed, and the overall color scheme is spot on. My only gripe is that the rear of the ship feels overwhelmingly gray, and it would have been nice to get some coloration details back there. But that’s a minor point, and in truth, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for the beyond excellent detail of the UCS model (and it really isn’t fair to compare the two).

The ship is durable and easy to hold, so those who like to play with their sets should be happy. Playability-wise, the Y-Wing includes two torpedo launchers (one on each side) and a bomb dropping mechanism. These are both nice features in concept, but the execution isn’t the best — if you’re swooshing the ship around, your ammo will drop out all by itself. Fortunately, the swiveling turret behind the cockpit doesn’t use ‘live’ ammo, and works very well.

The cockpit opens and closes, and there’s more than enough space inside for a minfigure to sit. Behind the cockpit there is a small hollowed out spot for the Astromech droid to fit in.

The Y-Wing Fighter comes with two minifigures: Dutch Vander and R5-D4.


The majority of this set is easy enough to build, but the engine areas may pose some problems for smaller hands. If you’re thinking about buying this set for a younger LEGO fan, then just keep in mind that they might need some help in places.

This is a symmetrical ship, so there’s going to be some repetition involved in the engine areas. Thankfully, the builds are interesting enough that it doesn’t feel as repetitive as it could.

At 454 pieces, I’d expect to spend about two hours putting this set together.


The Y-Wing Fighter is a huge improvement over the original version. The detail, color scheme, and durability combine to make a great ship, and I would recommend this set to any LEGO Star Wars fan.

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Asked on June 29, 2017 4:10 PM