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Set Details:

Set: 7662

Series: Episode I

Buy it from: Amazon, eBay

Released: 2007

Pieces: 1330

Minifigs: 21

The Review

To put it simply, the Trade Federation MTT is among the very best LEGO Star Wars sets ever made. The MTT is an amazingly well-detailed ship packed with great playability features and an impressive number of minifigures. In short, there is something here for every LEGO fan to love — especially if you happen to be a Star Wars fan as well.

The overall level of detail on this set is fantastic, and the exterior of the set finds a nice balance between the sleeker new bricks and studded older ones. The detail combined with the size of the MTT (16 inches long and 10 inches tall) makes it a truly impressive LEGO set to see in person.

The top of this set opens up to reveal a cockpit area. The side panels on both sides of the cockpit fold down, giving you easy access to the Pilot Droid and the interior area. The cockpit has a nice control panel, and the entire interior can be removed from the MTT and placed on the included droid speeder.

The speeder is a great little model. It’s very compact, sturdy and well-made, and adds a lot of playability to the set. It has enough space on the back to hold the gun rack or a rack of the Battle Droids (8).

It’s a testament to the quality of the set that I have gone this far without mentioning the minifigures. The Trade Federation MTT comes with a massive 21 minifigures: 16 Battle Droids, 2 Battle Droid Pilots, 2 Battle Droid Security, and a Destroyer Droid. Basically, an entire Battle Droid army.

The MTT comes with two racks for the battle droids. The racks stack on top of each other, and fit neatly into the front area of the ship. You can move the droid racks in and out of the MTT with a cool little knob mechanism on the side of the ship. The mechanics of the whole system work really well, and the feature adds a lot to the overall playability.

Large flaps on both sides of the MTT open, as does the back. Inside there is plenty of space for the speeder, gun rack, and various other pieces of weaponry that you might want to put in there. It’s great that everything that comes with the MTT fits so neatly inside.


For the most part, the Trade Federation MTT is a pretty straightforward build. The Technic mechanism that controls the droid hatch adds a little bit of complexity, but it’s still pretty simple. At 1,330 pieces, I’d expect to spend at least four hours putting the MTT together.


With a great design and fantastic playability, the Trade Federation is a shining example of what a LEGO set should be. If you have the chance to get it, you should absolutely take it.

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Asked on June 20, 2017 3:41 PM