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Set Details:

Set: 7664

Series: Expanded Universe

Buy it from: Amazon, eBay

Released: 2007

Pieces: 548

Minifigs: 2

The Review

From the Expanded Star Wars Universe, the TIE Crawler was an interesting choice for a LEGO set. It looks great on display, and it has some pretty cool playability features as well.

Most people (including myself) weren’t familiar at all with the TIE Crawler until LEGO released this set. Basically, it’s what you would get if you took a TIE Fighter, rotated its wings to the side, and put big treads on them.

The treaded wheels are definitely the defining feature of this set. I have to admit, when I first saw pictures of the set, I was pretty underwhelmed by the tread sections, but in reality they’re great. They can rotate 360 degrees around the cockpit, which allows you to change directions during play by just flipping the treads around.

On the side of each wheel is a compartment that opens up. Each compartment contains a gun. The guns don’t fire, but they do swivel 180 degrees horizontally, so you can reposition them to face forwards regardless of the wheel’s orientation.

The treads roll really well on most surfaces, but there is one thing to note: in the instructions, LEGO says to put 81 treads on each side. I found that using 81 made the treads a little too loose, and they’d fall off sometimes. If you have that problem, try using 80 treads instead. It still leaves lots of wiggle room, but the treads hold on much better.

The cockpit opens, and there is room for one minifigure inside. The entire center cockpit piece turns up and down, and the fuel tanks in the back also serve as a nice handle should you want to push the TIE Crawler on the floor.

It comes with two Shadow Trooper minifigures. These are excellent minfigures and very hard to come by.


Putting this set together will require some patience on your part. It’s a symmetrical build, so you’ll basically have to do the same thing twice — once for each side. Additionally, the set is 548 pieces, and 162 of those are the treads. Hooking 162 treads together isn’t most people’s idea of fun, but thankfully, the end result is worth it. I’d expect to spend at least 2-3 hours building this set.


The TIE Crawler is a unique LEGO set that successfully mixes nice detail with good playability and some pretty unique features. Though the build is a little tedious, the finished model is worth the effort, and I have no problem recommending this set to any LEGO Star Wars fan.

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Asked on June 16, 2017 2:52 PM