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Set Details:

Set: 8031

Series: Mini Building Set

Buy it from: Amazon, eBay

Released: 2008

Pieces: 66

Minifigs: 0

Set Details:

The V-19 Torrent was a perfect choice for a LEGO Star Wars Mini Building Set.

Unlike most of the Mini Building Sets that LEGO has released over the years, the V-19 Torrent has a small playability feature: you can toggle the wings between landing and flying modes. It’s just a simple hinge system, but it’s still nice to see on a mini set, and it adds a little extra value to the set as a whole.

The detail on this set is excellent for such a small model — it kind of looks like someone hit the full-size V-19 Torrent with a shrink ray.

This set is about 3 inches tall and its wing span is about 6 inches, making this one of the largest 66 piece sets you’ll ever find.


It is pretty straightforward to build, and at 66 pieces, it shouldn’t take much more than 10 minutes to put together.


The V-19 Torrent was an excellent choice for a mini building set, and would make a great addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection.

Posted by Lego Mastery
Asked on July 24, 2017 5:20 PM