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Set Details:

Set: 8029

Series: Mini Building Set

Buy it from: Amazon, eBay

Released: 2008

Pieces: 66

Minifigs: 0

The Review

Though this is the second version of a Snowspeeder that LEGO released in miniature form, it’s much more substantial in size than the original one that was found in the AT-ST and Snowspeeder mini building set.

Thanks to its compact design, it lends itself very nicely to mini form, and it just might be the best mini building set that LEGO has produced in the Star Wars line.

The level of detail is impressive for such a small little set, and though its miniature form prevents it from having firing missiles, opening cockpits, or any of the other playability features that you’re probably accustomed to from the larger sets, it still has a lot of playability thanks to its small size.

The frame is tight and compact, and it’s perfect to hold in the palm of your hand should you get the urge to have a miniature LEGO battle. The cannons are secured tightly to the ship’s body, and the entire ship is very sturdy.


At 66 pieces, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to assemble.


The Mini Snowspeeder ranks among the best LEGO Star Wars mini building sets. With surprisingly nice detail and a sturdy design, it should please LEGO fans of all ages.

Posted by Lego Mastery
Asked on August 1, 2017 4:44 PM