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Set Details:

Set: 7659

Series: Episode IV

Buy it from: Amazon, eBay

Released: 2007

Pieces: 471

Minifigs: 5

The Review

The Imperial Landing Craft is one of the more obscure ships in the Star Wars universe, and it looks great in brick form. With a sleek appearance and great playability features throughout, this set has something for every LEGO fan.

The exterior is almost exclusively white, giving the ship a nice modern appearance. The wings open and close via the same great rotating knob mechanism found on the X-Wing. The cockpit opens as well, and it has a nice control panel inside.

The big square area you see in the middle of the ship is the command center, and it’s pretty cool. Up to six Stormtroopers can fit inside (more with modification). The sides fold up, and seeing as this is a troop transport, the entire command center is detachable.

There are two nice playability features inside the command center. First, it has two missile launchers. The missile launchers have pretty serious range (more like Nerf guns than a typical LEGO projectile). The only downside is that they take up some interior space. If you want to maximize the number of troops you can fit inside, you can remove them if you like.

The second feature is a bomb dropping mechanism. This is a much better bomb dropper than most. To make it work, you load the ‘bombs’ into a little hopper on the inside of the command center, and then push a lever on the outside to make them drop.

The Imperial Landing Craft comes with five minifigures: four Stormtroopers, and one TIE Fighter Pilot.


This is a moderately difficult build. The complexities of the opening wings and detachable command center make it a little too advanced for younger LEGO fans (unless they have some help). I’d expect to spend at least two hours putting this set together.


It’s pretty cool that LEGO chose to make a model from such an obscure Star Wars ship, and they gave us a lot to like. The detail on the ship is great, and the playability features put it over the top. I can’t imagine a LEGO Star Wars fan who wouldn’t appreciate this set.

Posted by Lego Mastery
Asked on June 27, 2017 4:34 PM