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Set Details:

Set: 7657

Series: Episode VI

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Released: 2007

Pieces: 244

Minifigs: 1

The Review

Released in 2007, this version of the AT-ST is a huge improvement over LEGO’s original interpretation in just about every possible way.

The scale feels just right. The head is proportioned well with the body, and though it isn’t quite minifigure scale, it’s close enough. The exterior is surprisingly detailed for such a small LEGO model, and the end result is an Imperial Walker that looks remarkably like the ones in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

The cockpit of the AT-ST has space for a single minifigure, and is accessed through a movable hatch on the roof. The interior of the cockpit is a little bit bland, but this is a small set, so it’s hard to be too nitpicky about things like that. A Technic gear mechanism in the back of the head turns it from side to side, which is a nice touch.

Some people will be disappointed that the legs are pretty stationary. You can move them a little bit, but not too much. Whether or not this bothers will you will come down to personal preference.

The AT-ST comes with one minifigure: an AT-ST Pilot. He remains exclusive to this set, and that alone will make it worth picking up for some collectors.


This set is a moderately difficult build, thanks mostly to the Technic pieces that are used to control the turning of the head. At 244 pieces, I’d expect it will take the average builder about one and a half hours to put together.


LEGO made some huge improvements to the AT-ST since the last time we saw it in a medium-scale Star Wars set. The combination of a well-designed model and an exclusive minifigure make it easy to recommend to LEGO fans of all ages (though the younger ones might need a little bit of help at times).

Really serious collectors might also be interested in the UCS AT-ST.

Posted by Lego Mastery
Asked on July 3, 2017 1:33 PM