“American Made Coalition” is supporting Trump’s border tax bill

February 03, 2017 – The recent elections is United States of America has left the nation divided, there is no doubt about it. Thousands of people are protesting against President Trump and his blunt [and according to some, racist] policies. Women in particular are showing strong disapproval of Trump’s presidency. We also saw companies, or multinational corporations, speaking openly against Trump, but yesterday, some US based companies came out in support of Trump and the decisions he is making, that is something I haven’t seen before yesterday. This is the first time we are seeing some really big corporations openly support Trump and his policies. Usually, companies try to stay away from sensitive and political matters because if they start taking sides, then they risk losing customers who have the opposite opinion.

These are very interesting times indeed. Most of the people who oppose Trump, also hate him; people who support Trump also Love Him! Yesterday, a new coalition [of people who seems to Love Trump and his policies, especially the ones that are going to reduce corporate tax] was launched and it consists of some of the top American companies. These corporations are manufacturing products in USA and are big exporters, like General Electric and Boeing Corporations.

American Made Coalition consists of some 27 companies, currently, but you can expect this number to grow as more corporations come out and start supporting Trump openly. The tag-line of this new coalition is to support the government on matters/policies that will make America Great Again. In other words, they are going to lobby the House of Representatives and Senators to pass the tax reforms bill. They want to support Trump’s proposed bill on tax reforms, which they believe is going to create more jobs in USA.

American Made Coalition wants the Trump border tax plan to become law; they believe this will bring back the Made-In-America products in the market. USA is currently a big importer of consumer products; USA is spending billions of dollars to import goods. The quantity of products that USA exports is much less than the quantity of goods that it imports. American Made Coalition wants to change that; they want Trump’s administration to impose the 20% border tax and reduce the tax that exporters are paying. They believe that the current tax system is flawed and biased towards giving advantage to importers.

The proposed tax reforms bill aims to decrease the corporate [companies that are operating and manufacturing products in American] income tax from thirty five percent down to twenty percent. It also propose to exclude the income that corporate generates from exporting goods.

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