Earn Money At Home Working As A Virtual Assistant

Difficult financial times have forced many companies and individual businessmen to look for ways to reduce expenses. They have to adapt to new and innovative techniques as to effectively manage their business and to stay fiscally afloat. One way to save money is to hire virtual assistant instead of hiring a permanent employee.

Online assistants are independent contractors who do all the work from their homes. They are hired, based on a short-term contract. Employers do not have to worry about giving their assistant, any office space or bonuses/benefits, as he will be working from his own house. They also do not have to worry about providing any equipment or supplies. In this online setup, no long-term commitment is made. Both, employer and online assistant can work together as long as they willingly agree to.

Benefits for freelancers:

1. Work independently from your home.

2. No long-term commitments. Work as long as you want to.

3. You will save lot of money by working at home. For example: as you will not be going to an office, you will save money on fuel. You do not have to buy any Office Clothing. You also will not waste time in traffic, as you do not have to travel to an office every day.

4. Pay for this job is good.

5. There is no shortage of work. You can work whenever you want to. Listed in this article are sites where you can find virtual assistant jobs 24/7.

What kind of work virtual assistants do?

It is easy to become a virtual assistant. Usually, no experience is required. One just needs to have a reliable and fast internet connection. Skype or some other program will be used to take calls on behalf of the employer. You will also be given small tasks to do like typing letters and then emailing them or doing some other kind of data entry work. There is no difficult task involved.

How much can you earn?

Pay will vary depending on who is hiring and how much experience you have. However, do know that this job can pay more than what an online copywriter can earn.

Below are listed few websites where you can get these jobs 24/7:

1. Elance

2. oDesk

3. Guru

4. iFreelance

5. Peopleperhour

6. Virtualassistant

7. Va4u


  • Gerald

    Sounds interesting. I’ve a fast MAC and 16mb internet connection.
    I can work for 8 hours 7 days a week.
    Please contact me if you want to hire.

  • Patrick

    I want this job. I live in Finland. My health is in bad shape so an office job is out of question for me. I would kindly request that someone hire me as an virtual assistant. I am hardworking and honest person.

  • Sandi Vennell

    Hi, I am interested in being a Virtual PA, I have access to a Office (where I volunteer) and I also have my own lap top, Internet at home. I can work very flexible hours and would be looking to make this my main business. I have over 30 years office experience fro working with Capital One, Experian. Also have a vast amount of NHS experience working with NHS Direct, and working in clinics supporting at NHS meetings typing information for meetings. I have accurate and fast typing experience and data entry… I look forward to a positive response

  • cary-ann

    Very good website. Good information. Thank you.

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