How To Upgrade/Downgrade PTCL Internet Package?


How to change [upgrade or downgrade] your PTCL Broadband Internet connection?


The landline number, which you are using for PTCL DSL connection, use it to call PTCL customer support center. Their number is: 1236

A customer care personal will attend your call. Tell him or her that you are using broadband internet on the number from which you are calling and that you wish to upgrade/downgrade the speed. You can expect to get a confirmation call from PTCL within 2 days after you have submitted your request.

In how many days will PTCL change your package?

When I requested to change my package from 2MB to 4MB, they told me that it would take up to 7 days to implement this upgrade. However, within 24 hours my internet connection package was changed.


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