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Any job that one can do at home can be both, profitable and fun. There is no fixed schedule to follow which gives one the freedom to work whenever he wants. Reward for doing an online job from home can be very bountiful if done with honesty. Payment for different kinds of jobs vary a great deal. Depending on what kind of work is being done, one can earn as low as $1/hour. And on the other side of the spectrum, a marvellous income of up to $100/hour can be made.

Unfortunately, pay for typing jobs fall short of lofty expectations. The reason being that, it is virtually the simplest/easiest job one can find on the internet. Some say doing this job is not feasible as it pays less than USA’s minimum wage rate. True but what about freelancers who live in India, Philippine, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria?

People living in these countries can easily make their living off these jobs. In Pakistan, some labor workers make $30 in One Month [they work for at least 8 hours daily and there is one holiday per week]. And do you know what the official minimum wage rate is in Pakistan? It is $80/month but private sector have never respected this law and is paying labor workers as low as $30/month. Typing work therefore can be a very rewarding career for people who live in third world countries.

How much can one earn from typing work?

There are no fixed rates. Hundreds of online employers create job-listings in freelance websites. One employer will agree to pay $5/hour where another one would settle for a lower $2/hour rate.

What kind of work will employers ask of you?

As said earlier, typing jobs involve doing very simple tasks; such as typing content into Microsoft Word from an Image. Employer give images to freelancers who then write everything, written in these images, into text files. Basically, you need a PC, Internet Connection and some Typing Skill.

What is the difference between online and offline typing jobs?

For online typing work, one needs to stay online and to do this, a fast and reliable internet connection is needed. Without internet, work will halt.

There are jobs where freelancers are given scanned pages containing information about several hundred products. Freelancers are given access to database of employer’s website where they fill-in a simple form. They fill the form for each product in the website. The content, which they need to enter in the online-form, is available to them in the scanned pages.

For offline typing work, employers will send a single zip file, to freelancer, which will contain scanned or PDF documents. The job will be to type everything from these documents into text files. Freelancer will need internet to download this file. Once downloaded, he or she can start doing work without any need of internet.

Can you make a living from these jobs?

For a person living in any third world country, yes you can make a good living from online typing jobs alone. However, you should also try to gain some skills such as programming or try to improve your writing skills so that you can do coding or copywriting jobs, both of which pay much more than what typing jobs pay.

If you live in USA, UK or any other developed countries, then consider typing work nothing more than a part time job. A better option will be to look for other jobs, such as copywriting, which pays as good as a decent office job in USA.

List of Freelance Websites:

Following are few popular freelance websites where you can easily find typing work on a daily basis. To get things started, register an account with the first site listed below. After registration process completes, apply for two or three typing jobs so you can get used to how things work.Do come back to this page and check the other websites that are listed below.

1. Elance

2. oDesk

3. Guru

4. Peopleperhour

More Websites:

Following are some more websites where you can find typing work. What these sites provide are called micro freelance jobs. Getting a job here is a bit different compared to normal freelance websites that are listed above. Registration is free.


2. Gigbucks

3. Mycheapjobs

4. Creativefolks

5. Fivesquids

6. Fourerr


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