11 Site Where You Get Paid For Website Usability Testing

One easy way to generate extra income online is to take part in Website Usability Testing. There are several sites where you can get these jobs, this article list 11 of them.

How much money can you make with this work?

Consider this a part time job where you can only earn extra income. The amount of money paid per hour is average. However, it is hard to find enough usability testing jobs to make a living off it. You will be lucky to get one job in 3-4 days.

What kind of work will you do as a Website-Tester?

Several online companies are offering these jobs and each has its own way of doing usability testing. Some companies will give you their software to install. As you test a given Website, this software will record your activity and will send data to the main server where a comprehensive report is created with the help of data sent from different usability-testers. This report is then sent to the client whose site you have tested. Some software will also have a voice-recording feature. Testers have to commentate on website-design, ease-of-use, quality etc.

In some jobs, several users test a website, all at the same time. It is like a big live online conference. The client will chat with all testers to gather their feedback.

What are the requirements for doing this job?

You need a fast PC and internet connection. If English is not your mother tongue then you may need to have some Basic English speaking and writing skills [you might be required to write small report and in some cases, talk with clients].

Below are 11 sites/companies where you can get Website-Usability-Testing jobs:

1. Elance

2. oDesk

3. Whatusersdo

4. Userfeel

5. Trymyui

6. Userlytics

7. Youeye

8. Usertesting

9. Clicktale

10. Opinionlab

11. Analysia


  • hitesh

    hello all

    i am live in india and my English is poor so pls tell me in Hindi lengveg

    or call me 91 9924091685

    wait for reply

    thank you

  • Jacob Young

    Hi there!

    Here’s another great way to get paid testing websites which should be added to the list.



  • Jay Samson

    Thank you so much for this! I joined almost all the websites you listed except for a couple (eLance and oDesk seem to be too specific with their testing requirements, and Clicktale and Opinion Lab do not seem to have any user testing jobs). Nevertheless, thanks for the article! :)

  • mahona

    if there a fee to join. sounds like an easy job to do. from the sites u listed which one u prefer i join

    looking forward for ur reply

    • Neva

      I have been using usertesting.com for about a year now, and its super easy. They have both PC & mobile tests available, the PC testing pays $10 & up per completed test, and the mobile testing pays $15. You complete a test, they review it, 7 days later your paid via paypal. If you opt to use the mobile testing, they actually send you a webcamof theirs to use for the testing. After so many completed mobile tests, you get to keep the webcam. I haven’t tried any of the others, as I didn’t know that there were so many. I’ve listed my webpage if your interested in earning more.

      • Tracey

        Hi Neva, Can you please tell me more about what your doing, it sounds like something I would like to do. Also how much money can you make from doing this, and can you still do this if you live in a small . Thank you, very much.

    • Neva

      Oh, I forgot to mention that any legitimate user testing site, or any other site that says you can make money with their company does not charge you anything to earn money with them, so no there is no fee attached. If their asking for money to make money then its a scam indeed.

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