Firefox: How To Move Tabs Below The Address Bar?


With Firefox 29.00+ versions, the below solutions might not work. Firefox has also changed the theme. If you want to get the old theme back and also want Tabs to be below the Address-Bar then the solution is to use Classic Theme Restorer add-on.


Firefox has made lot of changes in the past few updates, one of which was moving Tabs on top. How to move them back below the address bar, like they used to be in the past?


Method 1:

Open Firefox: right click on blank space in front of the last Tab. Here, uncheck the following option:

Tabs On Top

That’s it: tabs will now show below the address bar.


Method 2:

Open Firefox and type the following [without quotes] in the address bar:


If a warning message shows up, click on:

“I'll be careful, I promise”

In top-left corner, a Search Bar will show up. Type the following in it;


An entry will show up. Change its value to False.


  • Chris Adams


    In newest addition of Firefox, none of the methods mentioned here work and as author of this post explained in the UPDATE, the only solution seems to be using the Theme Restorer plugin. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to understand all the options there are in this plugin. This seems to be a very hectic job.

    I simply want my old Firefox back, how can I do this?

    There are so many options in this plugin and I understand none of them. Which option to turn on and which to turn off?

    Any guidance will be much appreciated.

    Thax in advance

  • brian

    ive been using firefox for years.. after this last update where u a***oles moved my tabs above the addy bar im srsly thinking about switching.. how f*****g hard is it to understand that people want to put the tabs below the address bar?

  • shaneq

    Method 1: the “tabs on top” in the menu does NOT show
    Method 2: tabs.ontop (is not there). the other option was already on false I reset it, now it’s gone. What now?

    • brent chivers

      Same — Firefox 29.0:
      No menu option for tabs on top.
      about:config — browser.tabs.onTop;false already, but tabs on top :-(

  • steve

    in new firefox29 method 1 does not show tabs on top anymore…..anyone know why? thanks

  • kirroth

    Thanks. For some reason, my tabs migrated to the top after a crash and restart of Firefox. I do NOT like my tabs above my bookmark and address toolbars.

  • Natraj


    Thanks for your info abt moving tabs below address bar.

    Really helpful

    Thank alot


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